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Dr. Gloria Stingley and our team are pleased to offer custom-made dentures for patients who wish to receive comfortable, aesthetic solutions to tooth loss. If you have received dentures, we encourage you to take great care of them so they continue to benefit your smile. Our team at Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. offers helpful tips on how to care for dentures.

— After eating, remove your dentures for a rinse. Wash away all debris and food particles so that your dentures can maintain their fit and proper oral hygiene. Take care to not drop your dentures; you may want to put down a towel or fill the sink with water to catch your dentures if they slip.

— Be gentle when cleaning your dentures to avoid bending the clasps or damaging the material.

— Brush your dentures every day before soaking them overnight in a container with warm–not hot–water or non-abrasive denture cleaner. Your dentures need to soak because the moisture helps them retain their shape. Rinse away any solution before placing the dentures back into your mouth.

— Turn your attention to your mouth when your dentures are clean. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a piece of moistened gauze, clean your oral cavity, including your tongue, palate, and cheeks.

— To ensure your mouth stays healthy, schedule regular appointments with your dentist for dentures cleanings, oral exams, and dental checkups.

Depending on your dental needs, Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. can provide you with a full or partial denture. Please feel free to call us at 770-662-5955 if you have any questions about denture care in Norcross, Georgia, and would like to arrange a consultation with Dr. Gloria Stingley.