Restore the Health and Strength of Your Tooth With a Composite Dental Filling

Composite dental fillings are strong, reliable and natural-looking dental restorations that our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley, is proud to offer her patients. Composite dental fillings can help you, your tooth and your smile in many ways. In fact, it can help a decayed, broken and even disfigured tooth to improve... Read more »

Great Oral Hygiene Tips and Tricks

Are you in need of tips and tricks to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful? If so, you have come to the right place! Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley with Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. in Norcross, Georgia, cares about your oral health and is excited to share this list of... Read more »

Why Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Can Help You

Would you be surprised to hear that sugar-free gum can help reduce cavities and improve your oral health? In fact, sugar-free chewing gum has many lasting benefits to your smile. Gum is an everyday treat for adults and kids alike. By switching to sugarless gum, you could be providing a... Read more »

Simple Tips to Maintain a Professionally Whitened Smile

The tooth whitening products sold in the oral hygiene aisle of most stores rarely have the potency to improve the appearance of teeth suffering from significant dental stains. At the same time excessive use of these products can harm tooth enamel and irritate oral tissues. Fortunately, a dental bleaching treatment... Read more »

Three Simple Sources of Fluoride for Your Teeth

Regular exposure to acidic food and bacteria can quickly remove valuable minerals from your tooth enamel that are needed to keep your smile strong and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is one of these natural minerals that keep your smile protected from bacteria, plaque and harmful dental acids. Without fluoride, your... Read more »

A Dental Crown Might Be Needed to Treat a Cavity on a Small Tooth

The 32 permanent teeth in your mouth have various shapes and sizes that correspond to their location and primary purpose. Some of the teeth in the front of your mouth can be small. When a cavity develops on one of them there might not be sufficient tooth enamel remaining to... Read more »

Cavity Prevention Might Be Aided by Chewing Sugarless Gum

The saliva in your mouth helps to wash away food particles and minor bacterial deposits after you are done eating. People who struggle with chronic dry mouth are often at increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Occasionally chewing sugarless gum can help promote saliva production to remove food... Read more »

Retain Your Smile By Treating Gingivitis

Millions of Americans suffer from a dangerous gum infection known as gum disease that affects the gum tissues and causes inflammation and even tooth loss. Studies have shown a link between oral and overall health and found that gum disease is linked to heart disease and diabetes. We encourage you... Read more »

Discover Your Smile with Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Whenever you think about your oral health care, it's always a good idea to think about the day-to-day activities that you are involved in that could potentially bring your smile down. Your smile can be destroyed by numerous tooth hazards that can arise, including risks involving the foods you... Read more »

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are made in a process that makes them very tough. By bringing the compounds that will form your crown to extremely high temperatures, dental laboratories can contour the crown, set it and cure it, forming a product that will last for a number of years with suitable treatment.... Read more »