Many people are embarrassed about their smile in some way or are uncomfortable with the way they look. If your are one of those people, we invite you to take a minute and complete the simple Smile Quiz. By doing so, you can help our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley, know exactly what you would like to change about your smile. We can then create a customized treatment plan that will give you smile you want to share. So, go to the mirror, smile wide, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you see stains? Yes   No
  2. Are your teeth dull or darkened? Yes   No
  3. Are there gaps and spaces, and are they uneven? Yes   No
  4. Do your teeth seem out of line with each other? Yes   No
  5. Are your teeth crooked and go different directions? Yes   No
  6. Do your teeth seem too small or too large? Yes   No
  7. Are the edges of your teeth chipped? Yes   No
  8. Do your gums show too much or are they irregular? Yes   No
  9. Do your teeth slant in any way? Yes   No
  10. Have your gums receded? Yes   No
  11. Do your crowns have a different color than your natural teeth? Yes   No
  12. Are you missing any teeth? Yes   No

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from some of our cosmetic and general treatments. Our team at Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. is here to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, and it starts by scheduling your appointment with our dentist today. We want to give you another reason to smile! Remember that no matter how damaged you may think your smile may be, we are here to help! Call us today at 770-662-5955.