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Are you in need of tips and tricks to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful? If so, you have come to the right place! Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley with Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. in Norcross, Georgia, cares about your oral health and is excited to share this list of dental basics on how to keep your smile healthy through the years.

Here is the list on oral hygiene tips and tricks:


– Improving your smile includes eliminating debris and bacteria from your mouth through the use of tools such as mouthwash.

– Cleaning between your teeth is essential. This can be accomplished with tools known as interdental cleaning tools. Dental floss and water flossers are two types.

– You can improve your oral hygiene by visiting your dentist for regular checkups and examinations.

– Improving your overall health includes improving your diet. Avoid unhealthy foods and eat mineral-rich foods that can help strengthen your tooth enamel.

– Smoking can lead to severe harm to your smile. Avoid bad habits such as smoking.

– Improve your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice every day.

– To lower your risk of dental erosion due to plaque buildup and tartar, visit your dentist for professional cleanings.


With these simple tips and tricks, your smile can stay healthy and thrive for years. If you have questions or would like to schedule your six-month checkup, please call us today at 770-662-5955 to set up an appointment. Our friendly dental team is eager to take your call and assist you with your smile! We love helping your smile stay healthy and bright.