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You may have heard of laser dentistry before, but do you really understand what it’s all about? It’s not always as simple as it sounds. (And to be reasonable, it doesn’t exactly sound simple.) Here are some illustrations of treatments that can be boosted by lasers.
(Dental lasers usually come in one of two varieties: soft tissue lasers for working with gums and hard tissue lasers for working with teeth.)

Relieving discomfort from cold sores. Cold sores are no fun, especially for those of us who seem disposed to them nearly continuously. By using oral lasers, we can treat cold sores by enhancing the speediness of recuperation time and diminishing their painful effects.

Removal of benign tumors – Tumors can form on the soft tissues of your mouth, and when those tumors are benign, we can remove them from your mouth using lasers.

Smile forming – Some people may find that the appearance of their gum tissue overshadows their pearly whites during smiles. (This is sometimes called “gummy smile.”) We can use dental lasers to shape your gums in a way that improves the look of your smile.

Teeth whitening – Many stains are just too tricky to remove without the help of a dental professional. Dental lasers can also be used as a part of teeth whitening, usually during the prep phase.

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