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Composite dental fillings are strong, reliable and natural-looking dental restorations that our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley, is proud to offer her patients. Composite dental fillings can help you, your tooth and your smile in many ways. In fact, it can help a decayed, broken and even disfigured tooth to improve your oral health.

When restoring a decayed tooth, our dentist will prepare the tooth by numbing it and the surrounding gums and then removing the decayed portion of the tooth. After the tooth is cleaned of decay and bacteria, our dentist will create a resin that matches your tooth color. Then, she will place the filling in the hole and will shape it to fit your bite and smile. Finally, she will use a special light to solidify the filling.

When restoring a broken or disfigured tooth, our dentist will roughen and condition the surface of the tooth, which will help the resin bond with the tooth. Next, she will place the resin onto the tooth and will mold the resin to shape it into the desired appearance. Finally, she will harden the resin with a special light and will polish it.

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