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Millions of Americans suffer from a dangerous gum infection known as gum disease that affects the gum tissues and causes inflammation and even tooth loss. Studies have shown a link between oral and overall health and found that gum disease is linked to heart disease and diabetes. We encourage you to seek treatment for gingivitis right away to save your smile from aggressive gum disease.

This disease affects your smile in stages, with its first stage being gingivitis. It can manifest as bleeding, reddened, and inflamed gums and chronic bad breath. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact our dentist right away to determine if you need treatment and are at risk of any additional health complications.

Untreated gingivitis will lead to a more dangerous condition known as periodontitis, the stage of gum disease at which you can experience gum recession, deep pockets of infection, and a loss of surrounding bone structure.

Gum disease does not need to cost you your smile; call [pratice_name] at 770-662-5955 today to ask Dr. Gloria Stingley about treatment for gum disease in Norcross, Georgia, and how you can restore your oral health. We are eager to help you protect your smile against periodontal infection and other dental health risks.