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The tooth whitening products sold in the oral hygiene aisle of most stores rarely have the potency to improve the appearance of teeth suffering from significant dental stains. At the same time excessive use of these products can harm tooth enamel and irritate oral tissues.

Fortunately, a dental bleaching treatment from a dentist like Dr. Gloria Stingley can remove deeply set in dental stains. Once your smile has been safely whitened, she and the staff at Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. can advise you to make some minor changes in your diet and daily habits.

Cutting back on foods that are known to contribute to dental stains such as chocolate and dark berries can certainly help. You might also want to cut back on drinking certain beverages like coffee, tea and cola. You can still enjoy these beverages if you drink them through a straw to minimize direct exposure to the tooth enamel of your front teeth.

You also need to keep in mind that even occasional tobacco use can cause significant dental stains to develop in a relatively short amount of time. Patients who frequently use tobacco might want to embrace cessation, both for its health and cosmetic benefits.  

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