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The fight against bruxism can take place at any time. In reality, it might be going on as you sleep at night and you would be blissfully unaware of it. This is because bruxism is a disorder caused by grinding, gnashing, and clenching your teeth, often instinctively and while asleep. Diagnosing bruxism can be tough because it is so hard to be self-aware of it when it occurs.

Even though it is hard to detect the disorder when you are sleeping, there may be symptoms that you will notice when you wake up. This can include an extra feeling of jaw pain or earaches. Another key sign of bruxism is an increase in tooth sensitivity, often when a person wakes up.

Inspect your mouth for signs of damage that can exist due to bruxism. If your inner cheeks are deeply chewed or damaged, or if your teeth look worn out, dull, flat, or smaller than usual, you might have bruxism. If you notice any chipped or cracked teeth and have no explanation of how they were damaged, bruxism could be at fault.

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