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Regular exposure to acidic food and bacteria can quickly remove valuable minerals from your tooth enamel that are needed to keep your smile strong and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is one of these natural minerals that keep your smile protected from bacteria, plaque and harmful dental acids. Without fluoride, your smile could suffer from tooth decay and sensitivity.

Below we recommend three simple sources to ensure you can receive proper fluoride intake to keep your smile in good health:

1. Fluoridated water: Many cities have city tap water with fluoride included to help patients receive regular and healthy amounts of fluoride.
2. Dental hygiene products: You can find toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride, and our dentist can offer recommendations for effective products to improve your smile in between dental appointments.
3. Professional fluoride treatment: During your next dental visit, after the cleaning and exam, our team can apply a varnish, gel or foam on your teeth to provide fluoride.

Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Stingley, would love to see you at Carter-Rockbridge General Dentistry P.C. to determine if you need fluoride treatment in Norcross, Georgia. You are welcome to contact our team at 770-662-5955 today to learn more about how to keep your smile beautiful and strong year round.